Neurokinex, Rehabilitation Centre

Brief and Concept

Live group project – Currently under tender

To propose creative but budget-conscious designs that respond to the needs of staff and young visitors and creatively communicates and represents the needs, values and aspirations of Neurokinex. Neurokinex is a charity that offers personalised neurological rehabilitation for various forms of paralysis with high quality rehabilitation and wellbeing programmes more accessible and inclusive for those living with various forms of paralysis.

The concept ‘Elevate‘ steamed from the need for positivity and optimism for the teenagers. Upon entering the space, Neurokinex’s clients need to feel uplifted, to be able to grow in confidence, independence and strength. Elevation suggests an invisible support – Neurokinex is there when support is needed but empowers clients to reach their goals independently and in the best possible frame of mind. A fun environment will ensure a focus on change and encourage autonomy.

Space Planning

The key benefits to the final layout include: an open view when entering the space; a cosy family/work-friendly waiting area; defined spaces for each activity with ample circulation space in line with Building Regulations; an interactive wall, a stimulating and fun addition to the client’s regular exercises; a sensory room for relaxation that has the flexibility to be used as a massage room; a climbing zone with lots of space for movement; an increased amount of natural light.


A colourful palette along with strong visuals on the flooring and walls was incorporated into the design, to provide Neurokinex with a timeless and fun design, that will strengthen their brand identity and public awareness. With some impairments being more responsive to colour over text, graphic symbols were incorporated into a wayfinding system. This system made out of symbols on the flooring and on the walls start upon entering the building and lead into the main space.

The symbols do not only engage the interest of the children, but equally direct them into the different activities, each represented by its own symbol. This would over time and through usage, enable both recognition of the activity and the space it’s taking place in. This symbolic language created from shapes and colours, ‘elevating’ up from the floor up the walls, becomes a subliminal introduction to the concept. This identity has boundless opportunities to be incorporated into the Neurokinex branding; from the shape of the reception desk upon entering the building through to the custom confetti to launch the space!

Bespoke Murals

One-of-a-kind murals designed for Neurokinex to enable artistic collaborations and sponsorships opportunities for an immersive and uplifting experience that will further Neurokinex’s brand recognition and public awareness. Involving art and the live project of an artist not only engages the young clientele with the space, but equally creates a public awareness for the artist, the sponsors and Neurokinex for mutual benefits.


Interactivity with sound, lighting is not only fun but motivating” – Martin Sibley, CEO, Purplegoatagent

Ultimately, any element that brings normality in the daily routines of young people with impairments is paramount.” – Jenny, Clinical Lead/Physiotherapist, Vita House Group