Detailing, Partition Wall

Brief and Concept

This project focused on creating a detailed design for a wall between an informal kitchen-diner and the small home-cinema room. The design needed to include the following components: a ribbon fire on the dining room side, a recessed TV & integrated AV on the cinema side, integrated accent lighting behind the TV and design specification of suitable architectural detailing such as skirting, cornicing, doors and architraves.

The Cosy Black and White Home’ was the concept chosen between the senior designer and the client for this project. A space to be filled with warm details and geometric textures along the monochromatic colour palette. Above all, sharp finishes and modern detailing were to be prioritised, for a calm space with inherent patterns and clean lines. European Ash and Aluminium were chosen, and exciting finishes of these materials needed to be incorporated into the defined scheme.

European Ash is characterised by its straight grain and consistency, and Aluminium by its soft and ductile properties. However, they are both notable for their versatility in use and in finish, and for their durability. This enables long life-cycles and contributes to sustainable commitments.

The fireplace wall features a bespoke cladding of engineered Ash boards fused with cast aluminium commissioned to artisan fabricators, and is surround a modern trimless fireplace. This artisanal approach enables the fireplace wall to become a unique feature, adding value and authentic character to your property, whilst preserving natural resources.

The warm grain of the wood contrasts against the cool sleekness of the metal provides the space with a calm yet geometric aesthetic, enhancing the effect desired throughout the property. The custom-made wood and metal boards is attached to fireproof plywood and vermiculite fire boards to provide suitable flammable protection necessary to host the wide 1500cm gas ribbon fire, which is safely supported by a strong metal frame. The ribbon fire model is remotely controlled, and features a thermostat, for full control over the room temperature. The wall is framed by thin aluminium skirting and cornicing profiles, hosting LED strips, enabling a subtle but sharp finish to the overall aesthetic.

Whilst an organic aesthetic has been chosen for the dining/kitchen area, to contrast with the minimal aesthetic of the concept, a more rectilinear approach has been selected for the cinema room. A grid is formed with clean vertical and horizontal lines of cladding boards, made with the same engineered Ash as the dining/kitchen area; simply brushed, oiled and waxed. As is recuperated anodised Aluminium extrusions.

To provide further continuity, the wall is framed by the same thin aluminium skirting and cornicing profiles as the dining/kitchen area, with fitted LED strips. The metal extrusions are fitted onto the wooden boards, to frame the niches designed to space the TV and AV. All surface materials are attached to plywood, and supported by a FSC-sourced timber structure which is lined with soundproofing boards to provide all the experience of the cinema at home.

The layering contrasts in the different uses of Ash and Aluminium simultaneously provides: organic and rectilinear aesthetics; grained and smooth haptic qualities; calm and geometric shapes; horizontal and vertical lines, and; continuity and disruption – all of which will enhance the impact of this future cosy, black and white home.