Battersea, Apartment

Brief and Concept

When enquired about what home represented to them – the client said it needed to be a shelter from the world – a safe place – where full autonomy was given on how much of the space was seen by the outside observer. They have also expressed a desire to escape the busyness of their life through a grounding and balancing space. Lastly, they have described their need to have a functional, clutter-free and bright environment – a sanctuary for their mental retreat.

The concept ‘Hide/Reveal’ stems from the client’s need of privacy from the unwanted pair of eyes whilst desiring a space full of energy to be shared with their social circle.

Space Planning

The overall design evokes rhythm and movement through the use of organic shapes, natural materials and warm neutral colours, reflecting the harmony obtained from ‘hide’ and ‘reveal’ drawn together.

The layout of the apartment is designed so that intimate areas can’t be observed from the more public areas of the flat. Alternating pivoting vertical wooden planks and two-way mirrors have been designed as movable partitions, allowing natural light to enter deeper into spaces whilst remaining private from the outsider’s eye. This movable wall divides the office space from the guest bedroom and the living area, depending on its needed use.

The flow of the apartment draws the viewer’s journey through a series of revealed elements previously appearing to be hidden.


The design channels a desire to escape the busyness of life by giving autonomy over the apartment, through the dynamic curation of different spaces. This sense of control and decision would allow intimacy and functionality, in the search of equilibrium. The overall design evokes rhythm and movement through the use of organic shapes, natural materials and warm neutral colours, reflecting the harmony obtained from ‘hide’ and ‘reveal’ drawn together.

The design is inspired from natural surroundings in the selection of materials, textures and colours. Combined with the intent to reuse objects and reclaimed materials, this provides the client with a holistic, sustainable design.

Client Feedback

“…It is clear you have done a great deal of diligent research and you articulate this and your vision beautifully. I feel as if you have understood me well and that this understanding has engendered a bespoke and tailored configuration of space well suited to my aesthetic requirements and my functional needs. Your presentation is of an impressive quality and you have captured my interests desires and stipulations with a carefully considered and conceived scheme which represents me well. Your use of dynamic imagery underpinned by comprehensive and strategic design work has resulted in an incredibly cohesive, beautiful and consistent scheme that I would be proud to call home. 

‘Hide and reveal’ as a concept has translated effectively into your designs and I find it very appealing. You have used this concept consistently throughout and the elements of surprise with flexible partitions are a clever and discreet way of delivering my spatial requirements whilst being mindful of my need for privacy. The end result is serene, sophisticated and beautiful.”