Marianne Carlens is a sculptor based in London, whose practice focuses on lines, edges and the extraordinary geometry found in the natural world.

Making work out of processes of chance and of failure, she is currently investigating the sense of disappearance and loss of the biodiversity, through the use of clay, metal and plastic. Originating from an investment in the subject of extinction and the relationship humanity has to it. Her practice reimagines preciousness by giving voice to the neglected – mechanized animals almost undifferentiated from industrial waste sitting at odds with the natural world.

Focusing on contrasts, from subject matter to visual imagery, she uses a combination of hand made and digital processes rooting her practice in both traditional and contemporary methods. Lead by curiosity for techniques and materiality, her practice has involved photography, printmaking, sand casting and graphic design.

Co-founder and Co-Curator of CO, Artist Collective, in 2016, with Layla Josephine.

CO | 2016

Catalogue | 2016

Research Log | 2016

Catalogue | 2015